Dylan signing autographs for fans after appearing as a contestant in a celebrity wrestling match

Dylan broadcasting LIVE backstage with Kenny Rogers

Dylan broadcasting LIVE backstage with Coolio

The very next month, (still 15 years old), Dylan decided to cold-call a radio station to inquire about a job. It was a total shot in the dark because he had no experience in radio, only experience as a listener combined with a passion for music. After a few interviews with the station's programming management, Dylan was offered a part-time job within radio broadcasting. While most of his high school friends were flipping hamburgers at McDonalds (back when they actually used real grills and not meat drawers), Dylan was spinning records at a popular Southern California radio station. He was originally hired as a part-time board operator for syndicated radio programs such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, American Top40 with Casey Kasem and CBS Football. A year later (at the age of 16) Dylan was working full-time at the radio station, while also finishing high school. 

Dylan's first stop in radio pinned him alongside the talents of Carson Daly and Jimmy Kimmel, who often called upon him to do on air bits for their morning show. Dylan was soon promoted to an On Air Personality and would later hold the titles of Production Director, Assistant Music Director and Imaging Director / Producer.


When he wasn't on the air, Dylan spent his free time working in television production.

Dylan broadcasting  LIVE  from Knotts Berry Farm

in Buena Park, California

Dylan worked with music artists on the pilot episode of "Street James", a Hip-Hop music TV show that was eventually sold to the MTV network. 

While Dylan was an on air personality at a country music radio station, he was given an opportunity to host a half-hour music television show entitled "Video Country" which aired on the CMT Network. The show featured music videos and interviews with some of the hottest country music artists. The show's flagship sponsors were "Wrangler Jeans" and the "P.R.C.A.".

Dylan's affiliation with "Video Country" also earned him a membership into the coveted Country Music Association (CMA Awards), and as a featured dancer on two episodes of the television show "Wildhorse Salon" which was taped in front of a live studio audience at the famed Wildhorse Salon in Nashville, TN.

Dylan is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and  served as the voice-over artist for their live events.



Dylan's cousin is actor Joseph Anderson who played the role of "Cole", the son of Richard Dreyfuss' character in the film "Mr. Holland's Opus"


Appeared as a Contestant on the television game shows "Let's Make a Deal" (with Wayne Brady) and "Family Feud" (with Richard Karn)


Co-Hosted two episodes of The Tanya Memme Radio Show  (Host from "Sell This House" on A&E)


Worked in the sound effects department at CBS Television, credits include "The Price is Right" (w/Bob Barker & Rod Roddy), "Bold and the Beautiful" and the "Young and the Restless"


Has a HUGE fear of spiders, snakes, and basically anything creepy or slimy

On his spare time he enjoys visiting iconic filming locations used in tv and films, gaming, traveling, photography and anything on or in the ocean


Once made Betty White giggle


Co-Hosted an episode of RADIO REWIND with his Grandma *LIVE* from her home in Heyworth, Illinois (Episode #46)

In 2016, Dylan formed The Dylanson Agency as a platform for clients to leverage Dylan's experience leading creative service teams for marcom channels


Favorite TV shows: "How it's Made", "Mythbusters", "How To Get Away w/Murder", "Difficult People", "Summer Heights High", "Dexter", "True Blood", "I Love Lucy" and "The Golden Girls"


Favorite games: "Uncharted", "Hay Day", "Zelda", "Infamous", all the classic "Midway" games, "Super Mario Bros", "Batman Arkham Knight", and playing his full size, stand up, original "Pac-Man" arcade (version made in 1987 that Dylan bought from a summer camp in Big Bear CA) 


Favorite movies: A total sucker for throwbacks like "Fletch", "Jurassic Park", all of the "Harry Potter" films, "Overboard", "The Bodyguard" and "The Goonies"


Dylan got his first "real" job at the age of 15 working part-time at a Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors ice cream store. He quickly learned that it was much easier to eat ice cream than scoop it into a perfectly proportioned ball.  After three 4-hour shifts, Dylan phoned the manager of the store in order to resign. But, before he could utter the words "I quit", his boss said "You're fired" - apparently Dylan was "not fast enough with the ice-cream scooper". His illustrious career in the service industry ended with his tiny paycheck barely covering the $40 loan he took out from his mom to buy the beige shorts and white shoes required for his uniform at Baskin-Robbins.

Dylan was born and raised on the beaches of Southern California. He began his professional career as a child actor appearing in films, television shows and broadcast commercials. But, it was the action happening behind the scenes that caught his attention.

Be Kind, Please Rewind


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After Dylan's almost 10-year career within the radio broadcasting industry, he hung up his headphones and accepted a production management position for an internal creative agency within the advertising / marketing industry.  Dylan's full-time career in radio concluded with having the #1 Arbitron / Nielsen rated afternoon drive-time show on a highly rated Top-40 / CHR radio station in Southern California. Here's an archive of some of Dylan's on air work at this station:

Dylan is a civil / human / animal rights activist. He is an ocean advocate and a proud volunteer for the ​Freeform Radio Initiative, a 501(c)(3) organization that showcases the liberal audio arts.


During his career in radio, Dylan worked as an on air personality within many different formats of music. Plus he's a fan of POP culture. Dylan's been called pre-periodic in his music tastes; Growing-up, his friends commented on the randomness of his mix tapes (which included music from several different decades and genres). This appreciation of diverse music led him to create Radio Rewind!


Wether it's in the studio or live on-location, 

Radio Rewind is a platform for Dylan to showcase his random playlists of classic throwbacks supported by his knowledge of vintage pop culture. Dylan revives the spirit, energy and on-air delivery  of the bygone days of AM/FM radio.

All of the hits on Radio Rewind are presented in a 1-hour live radio show & podcast that takes listeners back to the sounds behind classic TOP40 Radio.

Dylan broadcasting LIVE backstage with Jessica Simpson

Dylan broadcasting LIVE backstage with Pat Benatar

Dylan broadcasting  LIVE  

from Disneyland  

in Anaheim, California